It began with love

Years ago, my daughter went gluten free and my search for a delicious gluten free cookie began. A few experiments later yielded my first batch of delicious Minnie Mouse cookies for my granddaughter's first birthday party. People attending the party started calling to ask for specific cookies for their occasions. I started making Holiday cookies and giving them to friends for fun and THEY started ordering cookies.... and MyMojoCookies was born.


What We Offer

I regularly make cookies for Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter and 4th of July. I also make custom cookies for special requests such as birthdays, christenings, corporate events, or almost any gathering.
All cookies are made to order. Prices below are just the starting price. Contact me for a personalized quote based on the sizes, details, and overall complexity of the order. I will quote custom sizes, requests, and gift boxes.

Cookies   -   $3.00 each
Special Order
  -   $4.00 each
Gluten Free   -   $0.50 additional each

Paint your Own (PYO) kits
Includes: cookies, paint pallets, paint brushes
  -   6 cookies $25.00
12 cookies $35.00

Decorate your Own (DYO) kits
12 cookies, 3 colors royal icing, 3 cups sprinkles
  -   $35.00
All kits can be customized

Cookie Flavors: vanilla, vanilla/almond, chocolate, cookie nip, lemon, strawberry

Our Team

Cathy Willett

Cookie Alchemist

My Mojo

Chief Inspiration Officer - Gone but never forgotten

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